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TShoot no UI after entering server name, port, and collection

Jul 8, 2011 at 8:44 PM
Edited Jul 8, 2011 at 8:49 PM


  1. What should appear after entering server, port, and project?
  2. If incorrect information is entered what should appear?  (Specifically does the UI permanently disappear in the current v1.0.2?)
  3. Does Updater tool support named instance
  4. How do I get back to viewing server name, port, and project?


  • Win7 Enterprise client
  • TFS on 2k8 R2 configured to use HTTP across default port 8080
  • TFS using named instance for SQL Server and SSAS. (SSAS reachable via ServerDNS\TFS or serverIP:1001\TFS ("TFS" is the instance name))
  • Two TFS Team Project Collections hosted ("Work" and "Sandbox"). (Both should go to same TFS Warehouse.)


  1. First run I got a dialog requesting server name, port, and project. (Expected)
  2. I entered server name (just undecorated friendly server name with no HTTP:// or FQDN), port 8080, and my TFS Team Project Collection name, then pressed enter.
    Dialog disappeared and no other UI appeared, even after >15 minutes.
    EXPECTED: At least a dialog confirming if warehouse refresh request was successful or failed (with option to change connection info for next attempt).
  3. Kill process, then re-launch TFS 2010 Warehouse Updater app
  4. Wait 20 min for some UI.
    BUG: No UI to indicate app state or activity. connection dialog does NOT reappear. Just goes back to "Wait:WrUserRequest" state with no UI.
    EXPECTED: Connection info dialog reappear or UI that allows changing connection info.
  5. Cleanup - Kill orphan process via Task Manger (or Process Explorer :-)) to prevent any unexpected behavior.


Once connection info dialog dismissed I see zero activity (using Process Explorer). Process "TFS 2010 Warehouse Updater" is still running with no activity and 5 threads all in state "Wait:WrUserRequest".